Revealing Lives: Conference Presentations


View here some of the thought-provoking presentations from the WISRNet Revealing Lives conference held at the Royal Society, London, in May 2014.


Women in their Proper Place
by Prof Athene Donald, DBE, FRS
Keynote Speech
A lab of one’s own? Women & Science in WW1
by Dr Patricia Fara
Keynote Speech
Margaret Fountaine: A lepidopterist remembered
by Sophie Waring
The Strange Case of Hollywood, Ecstasy and Hedy Lamarr
by Esther Sonnet
Women in Physics in the Palestinian Territories
by Kate Shaw
Caroline Herschel, agency and self-presentation
by Emily Winterburn
For the love of Ada: revealing women’s work in computer science
by Tilly Blyth
Public Perception of Famous Female Scientists
by Cynthis Burek and Bettie Higgs
Doing Women’s History in a Digital Age
Terra Incognita: women in the expedition archives 1913-1970
by Sarah Evans

Keynote speech: Professor Athene Donald, DBE, FRS, University of Cambridge:
Women in their Proper Place?

Keynote speech: Dr Patricia Fara, University of Cambridge:
A lab of one’s own? Women and science in World War One.

Cynthia Burek, University of Chester and Bettie Higgs, University of Cork:
Public perception of women scientists

Esther Sonnet, University of Portsmouth:
‘Don’t let History happen without you’: Hollywood, Ecstasy and the Strange Case of Hedy Lamarr

Sophie Waring, University of Cambridge:
Margaret Fountaine: a lepidopterist remembered