Videos: Fractured Histories – Discovering Women Scientists in the Archive

WISRNet’s FRACTURED HISTORIES workshop, which took place at the Royal Society in London on July 16 2013, brought archivists and historians together to explore women and science and the challenges of finding them in the archive. View here extracts from speakers on the day (scroll down for all):

Patricia Fara (University of Cambridge)

What counts as science

Discovering women in the work of Lyell and Darwin

Stories from the archives

Women in science during World War 1

Howard Benge (London Metropolitan Archives)

Women in science in the archives

Women in education

Looking in photographic evidence

Caroline Lam (The Geological Society)

What counts as science?

Joanna Corden (The Royal Society)

Women scientists and the Royal Society

Andrew Morrison (British Geological Survey)

Women in the archives in the Geological Survey

Catherine Booth (National Library of Scotland)

Scottish women scientists

Anne Barrett (Imperial College, London)

Women scientists at Imperial College

Felicity Henderson (for Hardy Schwamm, Freshwater Biological Association)

Women scientists in the archives of the Freshwater Biological Association


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