Resources & Links:

A Chemical Imbalance: A film about women chemists at Edinburgh University over the last 100 years.

Arts & Humanities Research Council (AHRC) – Funding WISRNet through ‘Science in Culture’ theme.

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Oral History Collection – A major initiative to document the history of science through the words and images of the scientists who have worked and regularly visited the CSHL.

Darwin’s Women: A film on the women scientists in Darwin’s life produced by Cambridge University’s Darwin and Gender Project.

Geology Society – Women and Geology Exhibition

Glasgow Women’ s Library

IET – The Institution of Engineering and Technology

National Library of Scotland – Women in Science online exhibition

Oral History Interview with Jean Jennings Bartik – Bartik was one of the first female programmers of the ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer).

physicsfocus – Professor Athene Donald (keynote speaker at WISRNet’s forthcoming conference) discusses why we should all be aware of our unconscious gender biases and suggests that if you think you are exempt, you should try some of the tests at Harvard’s Project Implicit

Psychology’s Feminist Voices – A grassroots organisation celebrating and supporting women in science, with chapters around the UK.

Scottish Engineering Hall of Fame

The Rothschild Archive

The Royal Society

TrowelBlazers – A crowdsourced blogging project to highlight women in geology, palaeontology and archaeology

Voices of Science: A project of the British Library, including oral history interviews with a number of women talking about their lives in science.

WISE: Women into Science, Engineering and Technology

Women’s Caucus of the History of Science Society

Women’s Engineering Society

Women in Science: A blog celebrating the women associated with the historic Royal Institution, Londpn.

Image credits:

All pictures of women scientists used on this site are in the public domain and/or the source is acknowledged below:
Barbara McClintock & Rosalind Franklin: National Library of Medicine (NLM) Public Domain
Hertha Ayrton from Hertha Ayrton 1845-1923: A Memoir by Evelyn Sharp (London: Edward & Arnold, 1926)
Mary Cartwright from Celebratio Mathematica open-ac­cess schol­arly web. Miriam Rothschild: The Rothschild Archive, London.