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Reflections on WISRNet Shadowing Scheme – 2

Dr Emily Winterburn (Visiting Fellow, School of Philosophy, Religion and History of Science, University of Leeds) reflects upon her experience shadowing Dr Samantha Pugh (Chemistry Faculty Student Enhancement Officer, School of Mathematics and Physical Sciences, University of Leeds)

ChemistrySamantha Pugh is the Faculty Student Education Enhancement Officer based in the Chemistry department at the University of Leeds. She has a PhD in colour chemistry, and has taught on various courses in the department and now works on developing the student experience, in particular, helping the students to see and experience the types of careers available to them in industry. This involves devising courses that show the role of chemistry in the world, and the processes involved (and jobs within that chain) in transforming an idea into a product. Broadly speaking around one third of chemistry students follow their degree with further learning, with post-graduate research, a teaching qualification or similar. Of these students some will become teachers, other academics, others will work in R&D within industry. Roughly another third will go straight into industry with jobs that require a chemistry degree but are less research orientated. The final third will go into graduate jobs where a degree is needed but the subject is not crucial.