Monthly Archives: December 2013

Reflections on WISRNet Shadowing Scheme

Julie Hipperson (Research Student in History, King’s College London) reflects on  her first meeting with Dr Lori Snyder (Reader in Biotechnology, Kingston University) as part of WISRNet’s workshadowing scheme.

I: Lab Coat

The white lab coat which Lori fishes out for me is ill-fitting.  I joke that it’s designed for some broad-shouldered, snake-hipped man and that I’ll have to lose a couple of inches before the next visit.  Lori kindly suggests that maybe we could just find a different coat.  I’m squeezed into this coat on a Monday morning because Lori has agreed to meet me whilst she’s supervising a drop-in lab session at Kingston University, where she is a Reader in Biotechnology, so we could informally introduce ourselves.  Whilst we’re chatting she occasionally breaks off to help a student with questions about their final year projects: one is trying to sterilise a chicken breast to use for his experiment, the other wanting to discuss the timings of her experiment, having missed her opportunity to put them in the autoclave that day (it’s turned on at 10.30am).  Watching these interactions I make a mental note to look up what an autoclave actually does.