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Looking sideways in science to find the women

Reflections on the WISRNet Workshop on July 16 2013 by Patricia Fara

Dr Patricia FaraWhen I was a PhD student, one of the most useful pieces of advice I received was: ‘Talk to archivists and librarians. They’re the experts on their collections, and they’re the people who can direct you to the gold dust you’re looking for – the long-forgotten documents waiting to be discovered, the surviving records that will bring the past to life and shed new light on old problems.’ And judging from this workshop, the converse must also be true – librarians are longing to meet researchers who will share their enthusiasm for the old documents under their care.

Fractured Histories – Finding Scientific Women in the Archive

By Sue Hawkins

Mary, Countess of Ross

Mary, Countess of Ross

Have you heard of Mary Crosfield, Ethel Woods, EML (Eileen) Hendriks, Eileen Guppy. Or Etheldred Bennett, Charlotte Murchison, Mary Buckland, Muriel Robertson; or perhaps Charlotte Auerbach, Marion Ross, Isabella Gordon or Mary, Countess of Rosse are familiar to you? All these women ‘did’ science and made a significant contribution to their field, but it’s a good bet that almost no-one recognises their names, let alone is aware of their achievements.